About Perfect Likeness

We are dealers in fine antique photographs, with a particular emphasis on cased images: daguerreotypes, ambrotypes, and early tintypes. We operate our business in the coastal town of El Granada, forty minutes south of San Francisco. Clients are welcome to visit us by appointment, and can also arrange to meet with us at select specialized photography shows. We always have numerous daguerreotypes and ambrotypes available for purchase as well as hundreds of tintypes and smaller numbers of antique paper photographs. If you have specialized interests, don't hesitate to contact us about them.

The name for our business is taken from early writings describing the first viable form of photography, the daguerreotype. One of the first to study Daguerre's process in America, Albert Southworth, wrote excitedly in 1840, in a letter to his sister, that he had "succeeded in managing the Daguerreotype so as to make perfect likenesses". Through the 1840s and 1850s, a "perfect likeness" was often promised in the publicity promoting early photographic artists and their enterprises.

Auctions: We sell images on eBay, under the eBay name perfectlikeness. Click here to see a list of our current eBay auctions in a new window.

Show Schedule: We usually show a large cross-section of our inventory at The All Image Show in Emeryville, California (across the Bay from San Francisco) This show, held twice a year, is readily acknowledged as the best show for antique photography in the West, and one of the best in the country. For more information, contact the show's organizers directly at 510-527-5905 or 925-930-7130 or 530-478-1610 or click here to open the show's web page in a new window.

We also attend the Daguerreian Society Annual Meeting, which meets each year in October or November. We exhibit at the sales show which is held during the meeting, probably the largest single exhibit of daguerreotypes available for sale anywhere. For more information about the Society and its Annual Meeting, click here.

We Purchase Single Images and Collections: We are always interested in purchasing images. Generous prices are paid for fine and unusual examples. Feel free to contact us if you have one or more images for sale. We frequently travel to Southern California, Oregon, and Washington; if convenient, we can schedule an appointment, meet with you, and see your images on one of our upcoming trips.

Email us at images *at* perfectlikeness.com.