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Heritage of Daguerre commemoration in France

"Héritage de Daguerre", featuring an exhibition of the work of contemporary daguerreotypists from around the world. And also a restored Diorama created by Louis Daguerre, his last in fact. Taking place in Bry-sur-Marne, near Paris, commencing September 12 and continuing to October 18, 2009. Certainly promises to be a signal event, for those with the time and cash to make the trip (not me, alas!). More information can be found at:

Reproduced below is a beautifully composed scene by master daguerreotypist Jerry Spagnoli. In 2006, Jerry spent most of the year in Paris creating several dozen compelling images of the City of Light in the medium that Louis Daguerre invented there in the late 1830s. The format is in the proportions of the carte postale (post card) , so in a sense this landscape draws on more than one great French photographic tradition -- as well as representing the distinctive artistry of a leading contemporary photographer of the urban scene dans le monde entier.

Pont des Arts

Paris: Pont des Arts from the Banks of the Seine near the Pont Neuf, Spring 2006

Yes, this daguerreotype is on offer. I will have it with me at the trade show in Rochester on October 18. Email me at rosscove *at*