How to Purchase an Image

Just send us an e-mail or phone us (click here for our contact information), indicating the image or images you would like to purchase. Please use the item code that appears at the end of the description to identify individual images. Purchase requests are processed in the order in which they are received. Phone calls are the preferable mode for making your desires known, since there can be delay in receiving and processing e-mail. If you have e-mailed us, we will reply with confirmation that the image or images are still available and the exact cost of the purchase with shipping.

Payment: Please confirm the availability of an item and total amount due before sending us any funds. Your total cost will include shipping and, if applicable, California sales tax (see below). Payment is expected within one week unless other arrangements are made. We accept checks and money orders, and credit card through Paypal. If you wish to pay via Paypal, please let us know and we will email you instructions for doing so.

Sales Tax: California recipients must pay sales tax, unless they submit a copy of their valid seller's permit, or have one on file with us.

Shipping Costs: Buyer is responsible for paying the actual cost of shipping; there is no handling charge. Typical cost for Priority Mail within the USA ranges from $4.60 to 8.95 (for a standardized Priority mail box) with the additional cost of insurance ranging from 2.45 to $20 or more. While we double box all images and pack with great care, insurance is highly recommended. If insurance is declined, theft or damage is at the buyer's risk. An alternative shipping option is Registered Mail, which includes insurance and special handling of packages; we often recommend it for costlier and more fragile purchases. Mailing costs to Europe have recently risen, typically ranging from $20.00 to $37.00 for Priority Mail International. We require insurance and disclosure of value on all customs forms.

Easy "View & Decide" Return Policy: While we endeavor to provide full descriptions and true-to-life reproductions, we understand that a reproduction displayed on a computer screen (which may or may not be properly calibrated) is never as satisfactory (and satisfying) as evaluating an image in the hand. Daguerreotypes, in particular, create an intimate and immediate engagement between the image and the beholder that no computer can hope to recreate. We at Perfect Likeness have been pondering this problem, and we think we have found a way to make our retail internet clients feel more comfortable during the acquisition process. We call it our View & Decide Policy. It is available, upon request, to anyone who has been a customer of ours and any current member of the Daguerreian Society in the United Sates or Canada.* And it works like this: (1) You inform us of your selection -- and tentative purchase commitment -- and send us a check (which includes the cost of insured shipping). (2) Upon receipt of the check we send you the image(s). (3) While the image is in transit, and for three days after it is in your hands, we hold (and do not deposit) your check. (4) No later than three days after receiving your selection -- after you have had time to view and contemplate it -- you let us know your final decision. If you decide to keep it (or if we do not hear from you in three days), we deposit your check. If you decide not to keep your selection, for whatever reason, you return it to us (at your expense, carefully packed, insured, and in the same condition as when we sent it) and we destroy your check (or return it to you, if you so desire).

In-person viewing: We welcome any client or member of the Daguerreian Society to visit us and view in person our extensive inventory (a much larger selection than what appears on this web site, with many images under $500). Please contact us if you are in the San Francisco area and wish to make an appointment.

*Please note that our View & Decide terms are available to retail customers only. If you are buying for resale, please let us know and we will do our best to accomodate your needs.